Treat yourself to a leisurely lunch, grab a quick gourmet sandwich, or meet friends for evening cocktails. The dining options at Suntec City are endless.


  • 365 Fruit Juices & Smoothies
    Fast Food & Takeaway

    North Wing, #B1-138

    365 Juices Bar provides Refreshing and Healthy fruit juices & Smoothies for our customers made with 100% natural fruits. We seek to satisfy the daily nutritional needs of our customers with high quality fruits. We aim to make Singapore a healthier country through our contribution as a fruit juice bar.


  • A-One Claypot House
    Restaurants & Pubs

    North Wing, #B1-135 Tel:6837 0198

    Established since 2008, A-ONE Claypot House meticulously crafted menu is a good balanced combination of soul foods, incorporated with the local palate, inspired by traditional cooking methods. Its mantra is that food should be consumed at the right temperature – and hence the use of traditional claypot cooking techniques which has good heat insulation. Central to the cooking are fresh ingredients - with great emphasis in attaining the natural flavours from the ingredients without using any preservatives.

  • AJ's Teh Tarik
    Fast Food & Takeaway

    North Wing, #B1-141

    For AJ's Teh Tarik, they embody the philosophy of "Old Tradition in New Inspiration". Enjoy a cup of their signature Teh Tarik to perk up your day.

  • ALT. Pizza
    Restaurants & Pubs

    East Wing, #01-602/603 Tel:6836 9207

    Alt. Pizza is a cool, hip pizzeria offering thin crust artisanal pizzas and Californian beers. Short for ‘alternative’, Alt. has a wide range of Signature pizzas and features DIY customizable options, in addition to delectable appetizers, salads and ice cream desserts.

  • Astons Specialities
    Restaurants & Pubs

    East Wing, #B1-161/162 Tel:6337 2468

    ASTONS, a local food chain dining concept well-known for its Value-For-Money western cuisine for the masses at affordable prices. With the philosophy to offer great food at great prices by using quality ingredients combining with service that makes you feel like you're with friends, and an experience that you’ll remember.

  • Awfully Chocolate
    Bakery & Confectionery

    North Wing, #B1-K1

    Awfully Chocolate started a cake shop selling only one cake - a simple dark chocolate cake between layers of dark chocolate fudge. Real cake one could bite into, rich in taste yet moist and light. Not just mouthfuls of mousse or cream. Not overly sweet but something you could eat and not feel disgusted with yourself right after. Something you would find yourself craving for regularly and never tire of.


  • Bali Thai (Halal Certified)
    Restaurants & Pubs

    West Wing, #B1-121 Tel:6338 2066

    Selecting and offering only the best of both worlds from Indonesia and Thailand. That is what Bali Thai restaurants set out to do and want its diners to relish, experience and enjoy - the combination beauty of both Thai and Indonesian cuisines.

  • Bee Cheng Hiang
    Gourmet & Speciality Food

    West Wing, #01-302

    A well-established Singapore brand since 1933 with over 47 outlets within Singapore and has also successfully expanded to over 10 different countries within Asia. With over 80 years of history, they pride themselves in serving freshly barbeque pork with no preservatives, artificial colouring or meat tenderiser.

  • Bistro 1855
    Restaurants & Pubs

    East Wing, #01-643/644 Tel:6836 5994

    Bistro 1855 is a wine and tapas bar restaurant offering great selection of tapas paired with carefully selected wines from around the world. With sister company 1855 The Bottle Shop, Bistro 1855 intends to bring about a complete wine and dine experience for consumers.

  • Boost Juice Bar
    Fast Food & Takeaway

    East Wing, #02-606

    Boost Juice - the nation’s favorite makers of fresh smoothie and juices! We serve millions of Singaporeans our iconic green cups, filled with fruit and veggies deliciousness. Deliciousness that comes from simple, natural goodness, served to you with a love life attitude that will make you so happy you’ll probably end up high fiving random strangers. It’s about making healthy living easy!! So naturally, nutrition is a key component in developing our range of smoothies and juices that sees us blending through millions of tonnes of fruit and veggies every year. Don’t believe us? Let us prove it! Come and see us at Boost Juice and try it for yourself.

  • Bornga
    Restaurants & Pubs

    East Wing, #01-641/642 Tel:6836 3291

    BORNGA, the brainchild of Jong Won Paik, one of Korea’s most successful and renowned celebrity chefs, has anchored itself as a popular household favourite in Korea. Known for its exemplary list of high quality dishes and generous portions at approachable prices, it is now the largest chain of Korean BBQ restaurants globally with more than 50 restaurants in Korea, China, USA, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines.

  • Bottles & Bottles
    Gourmet & Speciality Food

    West Wing, #02-305 Tel:6338 1911

    Bottles & Bottles pride themselves as the prominent wine procurer and provider for the perfect occasion.

  • Boyle's Coffee X Cold Brew Bar
    Fast Food & Takeaway

    East Wing, #B1-106

  • Burger King (Halal Certified)
    Fast Food & Takeaway

    East Wing, #03-371 Tel:6238 0389

    With more than 35 restaurants in Singapore, BURGER KING® promises a great dining experience through convenience, excellent service and friendly surroundings. Pop in now to enjoy the great and healthy flame-grilled taste of their products!


  • Candy Empire
    Gourmet & Speciality Food

    East Wing, 01-631/632

  • Cedele
    Cafes & Eateries

    North Wing, #01-430/432 Tel:6238 7754

    Here at Cedele, we do it fresh – out from the oven, onto your plate. With our triple threat organic offerings of artisanal sandwiches, design-your-own salads, and wholesome made-from-scratch soups naturally thickened with vegetables (including gluten free options); our quick-service Bakery Cafe serve up a plethora of healthy palate pleasers all day throughout breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  • Commas (Opening Soon)
    Restaurants & Pubs

    North Wing, #03-308/309

  • Crystal Jade Kitchen
    Restaurants & Pubs

    Fountain of Wealth, #B1-112 to 114 / 164 Tel:6884 5172

    The Ideal casual dining venue with excellent cuisine combined with the best service. Enjoy your favourite Cantonese- style noodles, Dim sum, congee, barbecue delights and Cantonese specialties.

  • Crystal Jade My Bread
    Bakery & Confectionery

    Fountain of Wealth, #B1-112 to 114 / 164 Tel:6884 5172

    The Ideal casual dining venue with excellent cuisine combined with the best service. Enjoy your favourite Cantonese- style noodles, Dim sum, Congee, barbecue delights and Cantonese specialties.


  • Dallas Restaurant & Bar
    Restaurants & Pubs

    Sky Garden, #03-302/303 Tel:6333 4068

    Dallas is a contemporary bar/bistro concept that offers an exquisite variety of culinary delights, a full bar, a great selection of the finest handpicked wines, and events lounge that’s available for wedding solemnizations, birthday parties, hen parties and corporate meetings.

  • Din Tai Fung
    Restaurants & Pubs

    West Wing, #02-302 to 304 Tel:6338 2422

    Ranked as one of the world’s Top Ten Best Restaurants by The New York Times, Din Tai Fung has been making waves throughout the world with its spread of authentic Taiwanese cuisine. Among the bestsellers on its menu its famous signature Xiao Long Bao (Steamed Pork Dumplings), Steamed Chicken Soup and Fried Rice with Shrimps and Egg. Savour these delectable dishes amidst a modern elegant interior while witnessing the world-class showmanship of the chefs within the open concept kitchen.

  • District 10 Bar & Grill
    Restaurants & Pubs

    North Wing, #01-514/515 Tel:6822 2886

    Officially donning its new title of District 10 Bar & Grill @ Suntec City within Bonta Group, the small and neat 1,800 square-foot restaurant comes complete with a European Meat Showcase and Chiller for its Dry Aged Meat to cater to its Gourmet Loyalists. This meticulous Dry Aging procedure allows the enzymes to break down the connective tissues in the muscles, leaving behind a surprisingly higher concentration of natural flavors that consumers get to savour - the tasty and tender goodness of Dry Aged cuts. For Fax Enquires: 6822 2887

  • Dookki
    Restaurants & Pubs

    East Wing, #B1-107 Tel:6266 2425

    Dookki (which means 2 Meals in Korean) is an established brand in Korea, having more than 100 outlets worldwide, since it's first opening in Korea in December 2014. As it's name implies, it's a fun and delicious dinning concept, which consist of 2 Meals. The1st meal begins with the much loved authentic Korean signature dish of Tteobokki cooked to one's preferred level of spiciness and continues on to the 2nd meal by adding to the remaining sauces ~ rice, kimchi etc. to concoct that all time favourite Kimchi fried rice. A Double Cheese Ring consisiting of 2 types of cheese is also available as an Ala Carte order for cheese lovers who understands the yummilicious combination of Tteokbokki with Cheese!


  • Eat At Seven - Katsudon Hanakatsu
    Restaurants & Pubs

    North Wing, #03-331

  • Eat At Seven - Kohaku
    Restaurants & Pubs

    North Wing, #03-311

    Kohaku introduces the edomae tendon, a mainstay that has won the hearts of multitudes of Japanese. Kohaku is one of the first concepts in Singapore to bring in this beloved classic, giving Singaporeans direct access to the indulgence. Each tempura boasts an ethereal and crispy exterior, as it is fried in a blend of high-grade sesame oil and cooking oil.

  • Eat At Seven - Menya Takeichi
    Restaurants & Pubs

    North Wing, #03-313

    The restaurant’s signature recipe is the Chicken Paitan Ramen, a best-selling dish that has led the brand to open 40 stores in Japan in four years, Collagen-rich broth is the culmination of simmering fresh chicken and chicken feet for long hours

  • Eat At Seven - Tokyo Sundubu
    Restaurants & Pubs

    North Wing, #03-312

    Sundubu refers to a type of Korean stew with tofu and variety of ingredients. Tokyo Sundubu is now aiming to introduce this cuisine into the Japanese food culture through qualified arrangements of soup and ingredients, while making the best use of original taste.

  • Eat At Seven – Burg Kitchen
    Restaurants & Pubs

    North Wing, #03-315

  • Eat At Seven – Enbu
    Restaurants & Pubs

    Sky Garden, #03-306/307

    Located at level three of Suntec City’s newest Sky Garden, Eat At Seven is home to seven of Japan’s top food specialist concepts as well as restaurants. The 600-seater restaurant will span 14,000 square feet. The sprawling belt will include a sushi restaurant, warayaki izakaya, café and more

  • Eat At Seven – Maguro-Donya
    Restaurants & Pubs

    North Wing, #03-314 Tel:6684 5054

    In Japan, the average queue time to get into this restaurant is more than an hour. MAGURO-DONYA MIURA-MISAKI-KOU SUSHI & DINING is regarded as one of the most renowned maguro (tuna) and sashimi wholesalers in Japan. and is now in Singapore for the first time.

  • Eat At Seven – Tsuruhashi Fugetsu
    Restaurants & Pubs

    North Wing, #03-316

    Located at level three of Suntec City’s newest Sky Garden, Eat At Seven is home to seven of Japan’s top food specialist concepts as well as restaurants. The 600-seater restaurant will span 14,000 square feet. The sprawling belt will include a sushi restaurant, warayaki izakaya, café and more.

  • Encik Tan (Halal Certified)
    Food Court

    North Wing, B1-149 Tel:6779 8980

  • ERGON - Greek Deli Cafe
    Cafes & Eateries

    West Wing, #01-365/366/373/374 Tel:8657 7814

    Ergon Foods


  • Famous Amos
    Fast Food & Takeaway

    North Wing, #02-485 Tel:6734 6946

    Serving fresh baked cookies in Singapore since 1983, Famous Amos cookies are made from the finest ingredients and freshly baked all day long. They offer a wide variety of flavours in both their signature bite size “Crunchy” as well as our large “Soft N Chewy” cookie. To compliment their cookies, they also serve freshly baked Muffins and Brownies. Their wide range of gifts has been selected to suit all needs and all occasions. Their cookie store is truly a one-stop gift shop for someone looking for that unique gift that says it all!

  • Farm Fresh Foods (Opening Soon)
    Gourmet & Speciality Food

    East Wing, #01-616/617

    At Farm Fresh Foods, we offer the freshest produce, a healthy and delicious whole food selection as well as freshly prepared ready to eat items. Through our inviting service and energetic store environment we enable, encourage and excite customers into healthier life choices.

  • Food Republic
    Food Court

    Fountain of Wealth, #B1-115 to 120 & 126/127 Tel:6338 2848

    Boasting a buffet of the best regional cuisines, it adds an enriching satisfaction to the casual consumers’ dining experience. The high quality of food is maintained with Food Republic’s line- up of 18 stalls and 3 mini restaurants, promising an optimum marriage of flavours, variety and comfort.


  • Gelare Café (Halal Certified)
    Cafes & Eateries

    Fountain of Wealth, #B1-175/176 Tel:6341 9132

    This outlet attracted both locals and tourists with its outstanding ice cream that some say that Gelare ice cream was like no others. The Gelare Business has expanded its range to include freshly bake waffles and ice cream cones. These products are supported with quality coffee, smoothies and a variety of cold beverages that make Gelare the perfect place to treat yourself.

  • Ginza Lion
    Restaurants & Pubs

    East Wing, #01-650 Tel:6836 6053

    GINZA LION was established in Tokyo 1899 as the first BEER HALL. Specialized in serving quality draft beer, our mission is to offer joy of living with excellent service.

  • Godiva
    Gourmet & Speciality Food

    West Wing, #02-307 Tel:6341 9203

    Godiva Choclatier has been a manufacturer and retailer of premium Belgian chocolate since 1926. Its product line also includes chocolate truffles, biscuits, iced blended chocolate drinks and hampers.

  • Gudetama Café
    Cafes & Eateries

    West Wing, #01- 361/362/363/364 Tel:6677 6195

    A “Food Playground” with animated walls, waffle ceilings, and egg shaped booths, Gudetama Café Singapore is a perfect place for every occasion. Started by homegrown brands, Joe & Dough and The Soup Spoon, fans can enjoy all-day dining with comfort food and handcrafted beverages. Ride on an Egg-citing journey with your family and friends for a “Kawaii” moment!

  • Guksu
    Restaurants & Pubs

    West Wing, #02-384/385 Tel:6334 7950

    GUKSU - Handmade Noodle House, features a fiercely protected recipe that has been passed down two generations in our Executive Chef Kahng's family line dating back to year 1945, and debuts as the FIRST homemade Korean noodle house in Singapore at Suntec City!


  • H&J Cake Shop
    Bakery & Confectionery

    North Wing, #02-605A

    H&J cake shop offers a variety of cakes and bread tastes to sharing with everyone! Limited number of daily supplies.

  • Han's
    Cafes & Eateries

    North Wing, #B1-145 Tel:6338 3927

    Han’s has been a household brand since 1977 and is well-known for serving the tasty Hainanese Western Fusion food at affordable price. Besides the popular cakes and pastries, we have over 100 menu choices such as Pork Chop, Chicken Chop, Fish & Chips, Sandwiches, Beef Horfun, Fried Rice and a lot more to choose.

  • Heavenly Wang (Halal Certified)
    Cafes & Eateries

    West Wing, #01-329 Tel:6757 0330

    Tantalizing Singaporeans’ taste buds since 1953 with its signature local coffee brew, fragrant butter kaya toast and tasty local delights. Indulge at Wang today.

  • Herbal Tea (ZTP)
    Fast Food & Takeaway

    North Wing, #B1-137 Tel:6569 2806

    Freshly brewed everyday, we got a wide range of drinks cater to all needs like Chrysanthemum, Barley, Herbal Tea, Luo Han Guo, Honey Aloe Vera, Ginseng Tea, Honey Lemon, Ginseng Chrysanthemum etc.

  • Hoshino Coffee
    Cafes & Eateries

    East Wing, #01-651/652 Tel:6836 9881

    In Hoshino Coffee, we use only premium Arabica roasted coffee beans selected by our very own coffee blend specialist. With pride and devotion, we serve this specialty coffee to you "Hand-Dripped".


  • Ichiban Boshi
    Restaurants & Pubs

    Fountain of Wealth, #B1-111/163 Tel:6238 7088

    Ichiban Boshi offers a wide selection od sushi, fresh sashimi and set meals. With quality food, great ambience and warm service you can be assured of a great dining experience.


  • Jamaica Blue
    Cafes & Eateries

    East Wing, #01-606/607 Tel:6737 8061

    In Jamaica, there is a saying “wan wan coco ful baskit”. It simply means that if you slow down, stop rushing and take your time, you will achieve your goal. At Jamaica Blue, they couldn’t agree more. They believe that everybody should take a little time out of their day to recharge, relax and reflect; to stop for a while and simply enjoy the moment. The Jamaica Blue café bar, located at the entrance of Tower 3 is a café by day and bar by night. It offers the perfect spot to take some time out... escape… relax… and simply enjoy the moment.

  • Javier's Rotisserie & Salad
    Restaurants & Pubs

    Fountain of Wealth, #B1-128/129 Tel:6252 7371

    Javier's Rotisserie & Salad Bar is a value for money casual dining restaurant. At Javier's, we go all the way to gather the freshest high quality ingredients we can find to create our signature slow roasted chickens and an array of roasts, comprising of beef, pork, lamb and seafood. Our salad bar is one of its kind with a spread of over 30 freshly selected items and à la minute prepared hot side dishes.

  • Just Dough
    Cafes & Eateries

    Fountain of Wealth, #B1-169/170 Tel:6341 9619

    Buns produced fresh everyday with natural color and healthy bun fillings (less sugar/ oil), cakes and soups are also available.


  • Kampong Daun Nasi Padang (Halal Certified)
    Cafes & Eateries

    East Wing, #B1-100 Tel:6336 3221

    Kampong Daun Nasi Padang is Halal-certified Indonesian and Indian cuisine restaurant. We serve delicious and authentic flavours of Nasi Padang with variety dishes, such as Nasi Briyani, Beef/Mutton rendang and Ayam Panggang. Furthermore, Don’t miss our Indian delights like Roti Prata, Thosai and Murtabak.

  • Killiney Since 1919
    Cafes & Eateries

    East Wing, #02-607

  • Kimchi Korean Restaurant
    Restaurants & Pubs

    West Wing, #02-387 Tel:6337 7811

    Kimchi Korean Restaurant, helm by Executive Choi Minchul, formerly F&B trainer at Ritz Carlton (Seoul)and Marina Bay Sands (Singapore), aims to redefine restaurant dining by offering delicious and authentic Korean cuisine, fine dining style in exquisite and lavish settings - at affordable prices.

  • Kopi & Tarts
    Cafes & Eateries

    East Wing, #01-648

    “Kopi & Tarts” is a new local coffee concept by Mason Bakery, where we marry the love of coffee with our freshly baked tarts and pastries. We aim to delight the palate with both sweet and savoury offerings, allowing family, friends and loved ones to take a break and enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

  • Kopitiam
    Food Court

    East Wing, #03-367 to 370 Tel:6338 2066

    Kopitiam houses a wide mix of local and international cuisines where diners can enjoy their favourite hawker fare at an amazingly affordable price! Also available here, is their Kopitiam Card allowing diners to purchase food and beverage with its convenient “tap and go” function, making cashless dining an experience to enjoy!

  • Krispy Kreme (Halal Certified)
    Fast Food & Takeaway

    North Wing, #01-419/420

    An international retailer of premium-quality sweet treats, Krispy Kreme has been offering the highest-quality doughnuts, including its signature Original Glazed® doughnut, and great-tasting coffee since 1937. Today, Krispy Kreme can be found in over 20 countries around the world.

  • Kuishin Bo
    Restaurants & Pubs

    North Wing, #03-334 Tel:6341 9200

    Features over 100 varieties of buffet items including sushi, sashimi, tempura, paper steamboat, teppanyaki and more. This outlet has a Kids Haven section catered specially for kids. Besides a kids-friendly buffet spread, look out for a popcorn machine, candy floss machine and mini chocolate fountain in this section.

  • KURO Izakaya
    Restaurants & Pubs

    East Wing, #01-604/605 Tel:6235 1066

  • Kurry Korner (Halal Certified)
    Fast Food & Takeaway

    North Wing, #B1-136

    Enjoy Kurry Korner's Authentic Indian Food, we offer a delectable spread of veg/non-veg meal options, variety of Indian street food snack/chaat items with Indian masala tea /filter coffee. Come and savour our mouth watering range!


  • Lee Mart @ Kitchen
    Restaurants & Pubs

    East Wing, #02-609/610

  • LiHo (Opening Soon)
    Fast Food & Takeaway

    East Wing, #03-379 Tel:6836 1348

    With an offering of more than 80 different drink combinations, LiHo offers the finest freshly brewed tea, coffee and also juice concoctions; every drink is brewed daily with high-quality ingredients that leave our customers happy and healthy.

  • llaollao
    Fast Food & Takeaway

    West Wing, #02-312/313

    llaollao is one of the healthiest and most recommended frozen yogurt in the world, thanks to the goodness in it and its high nutritional value. It is made from skimmed milk at the moment of serving and combined with the finest toppings (from freshly-chopped seasonal fruits to cereals, fun crunchy toppings and delicious sauces), making it even more delicious and healthy.


  • Maccha House
    Cafes & Eateries

    Fountain of Wealth, #B1-172 Tel:6336 6129

    Maccha House distinguishes itself as a haven for those with an appetite for Maccha (Japanese Powdered Green Tea). An extensive selection of Maccha-based drinks and desserts such as the Maccha Parfait, Maccha Latte and Traditional Maccha are served. Drop by to indulge in a little piece of Kyoto... right here at Maccha House.

  • Mad for Garlic
    Restaurants & Pubs

    West Wing, #02-300/301 Tel:6238 1930

    Harmonized with the grey marble fixtures, furniture and lighting through the wine glass chandeliers, a black marble concept enclosing the hall creates a fancy and distinct atmosphere for both business guests and couples on dates.

  • Marché Mövenpick
    Restaurants & Pubs

    East Wing, #01-612 to 614 Tel:6337 3134

    Marché Mövenpick opened a vibrant marketplace restaurant at Suntec City. Find high quality homemade European cuisines freshly prepared in typical market stands right in front of the eyes of the guests amid the rural Mediterranean setting.

  • McDonald’s (Halal Certified)
    Fast Food & Takeaway

    East Wing, #02-732/733 Tel:6887 3979

    You can now enjoy a unique McDonald’s® dining experience in Suntec. This restaurant provides the ultimate convenience and a haven for shoppers. You can pop by after a busy day and have a McFlurry® Oreo® treat. Enjoy your favourite menu anytime with great value, all day - every day.

  • Monster Curry & Café
    Restaurants & Pubs

    West Wing, #02-377/378

  • Morganfield’s
    Restaurants & Pubs

    East Wing, #01-645/646 Tel:6736 1136

    Rooted in the spirit of Southern hospitality, the updated American diner is fashioned after the new breed of BBQ restaurants in New York, lending a touch of sophistication to the hearty, rustic barbecue tradition that is always coupled with warm hospitality. Morganfield’s® combines life’s two greatest passions: music and great soul food. At the heart of Morganfield’s® is its signature dish – Sticky BonesTM – truly authentic, good ol’ fashioned, prime pork ribs slow-cooked and smoked to tender mouth-watering perfection, then basted with a sweet and tangy hickory flavored BBQ sauce.

  • Muthu's Curry
    Restaurants & Pubs

    Fountain of Wealth, #B1-109/177 Tel:6835 7707

    Muthu’s award winning signature dish, Fish Head Curry, continues to be one of Singapore’s most iconic food specialities.


    Restaurants & Pubs

    Fountain of Wealth, #B1-131 Tel:6884 5677

    NamNam Noodle Bar serves up your favourite Vietnamese dishes, including the famous pho and French-inspired stuffed baguettes known as banh mi. Based on old-world recipes with a modern twist, NamNam transports diners to the vibrant streets of Vietnam.

  • Nature Cafe
    Cafes & Eateries

    North Wing, #B1-148

  • Nya Nya Your Peranakan Café
    Cafes & Eateries

    East Wing, #02-737


  • Old Chang Kee (Halal Certified)
    Fast Food & Takeaway

    West Wing, #01-301

    Old Chang Kee is a household name famous for its curry puffs, delectable hot snacks and lip smacking quick bites that we love since 1956.

  • Old Street Bak Kut Teh
    Cafes & Eateries

    North Wing, #B1-146

    Prepared using traditional culinary methods and only the best ingredients, Old Street's bak kut teh is one of the most popular bak kut teh establishments in Singapore. Sliced in an aromatic gravy scented with dried chillies, the flavourful dry pig's hamstring is an Old Street signature and one of its best selling dishes. After a satisfying bak kut teh meal, cleanse your palate with a sip of hot Chinese tea and indulge in a bowl of homemade beancurd (tao huay). The greatest pleasures in life are often the simplest.

  • Olivia & Co
    Cafes & Eateries

    North Wing, #01-481/481A/483/483A Tel:6337 2518

    Follow Olivia on her travels as she brings back culinary highlights from around the world!

  • OMU
    Restaurants & Pubs

    West Wing, #01-301A/301B

  • OSG Bar - Our Simple Goodness
    Restaurants & Pubs

    North Wing, #01-510/511 Tel:9855 2826

    OSG Bar is the World’s FIRST of its kind lifestyle GADGET-RESTAURANT BAR. Consumers can enjoy the brand experience of their favorite gadgets through the accompaniment of approachable gadget ambassadors, and served by attractive and friendly serving staffs. Positioned as a modern cozy designed Gadget concept restaurant bar staffed with friendly servers and Gadget ambassadors in fashionable futuristic outfits, OSG promises a unique one of its kind experience.


  • PappaRich Malaysian Delights (Halal Certified)
    Restaurants & Pubs

    West Wing, #02-386 Tel:6532 3323

    What do you miss most after being away from home? Something familiar, something authentic, something that makes you feel at ease and right at home? Food. More specifically, very delicious food. At PappaRich you will find authentic and delicious staple Malaysian cuisine in the urban city of Singapore.

  • Paradise Classic
    Restaurants & Pubs

    Fountain of Wealth, #B1-110/178 Tel:6336 4048

    Offering nostalgic Chinese cuisine and nourishing traditional double- boiled soups as the main stay, Paradise Inn is a casual dining concept with an ambience of yester years.

  • Partea
    Fast Food & Takeaway

    North Wing, #02-470

    Restaurants & Pubs

    North Wing, #01-455 Tel:6887 0077

    Housing a variety of unique stalls from around the world, PasarBella is the embodiment of its namesake, which is derived from the local term for ‘market’, and the Italian term ‘beautiful’. The quaint stalls and exotic aromas are sure to enchant all who walk through its doors.

  • Penang Place
    Restaurants & Pubs

    West Wing, #02-314/315/316 Tel:6467 7003

    “The best Penang Char Kway Teow in town” – The Business Times An array of authentic Penang delights prepared by our team of Penang Chefs for your dining pleasure. Buffet, Ala-carte & Catering available.

  • Peperoni Pizzeria
    Restaurants & Pubs

    Fountain of Wealth, #B1-130 Tel:6884 7737

    Peperoni Pizzeria serves rustic Italian cuisine such as crusty wood fired thin crust pizzas and mouthwatering pastas. The restaurant also has an in-house bar, serving a stellar collection of wines, spirits and imported beers – great to liven up any party.


  • Qi Ji (Halal Certified)
    Cafes & Eateries

    North Wing, #B1-139 Tel:6283 8572

    Around for decades, Qi Ji captivates many tastebuds with its irresistible and original recipe of authentic Singaporean fare. From its signature local classics, such as fragrant Nasi Lemak and handmade Popiah, to a variety of freshly-brewed beverages, savour your favourite local delight today!


  • Ramen Dining Keisuke Tokyo
    Restaurants & Pubs

    West Wing, #02-391/392 Tel:6337 7919

    In less than four years, Keisuke Ramen has rapidly expanded into a chain that introduced four different ramen concept outlets namely Tonkotsu King, Tori King, Tonkotsu King Four Seasons, Tonkotsu King Matsuri (soon to open in July 2014) and a gyoza dining concept Gyoza King to much hype and acclaim. Ramen Dining Keisuke Tokyo has since moved from its Parco location into its biggest venue yet - at Suntec City in June 2014.

  • Ramen Nagi
    Restaurants & Pubs

    North Wing, #01-512/513

    Ramen Nagi’s has finally opened its first outlet in Singapore at Suntec City! Founded by the Tokyo Ramen of the Year 2012 Champion, Chef Satoshi Ikuta, the Ramen Nagi chain has since expanded throughout Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia and the Philippines with 22 outlets in its native Japan and 28 overseas franchised branches. The award-winning ramen restaurant's cult following means that when a Ramen Nagi comes to town, long lines form and ramen starts disappearing fast!

    Bakery & Confectionery

    East Wing, #B1-K2 Tel:6238 0882

    The marriage of passion and artistry, bringing graceful and aesthetics creation into existence. Their signature cake, Guanaja is a French top quality bitter sweet chocolate mousse with layers of chocolate sponge and a layer of crispy biscuit at the bottom.

  • Royce'
    Gourmet & Speciality Food

    West Wing, #01-359 Tel:6738 0153

    ROYCE was founded in Sapporo in 1983. Through acquiring the best techniques and enriching our experience, we are able to make chocolate of world-class quality in Hokkaido where the climate and the clean air are ideal for making confections. The fundamental principle of Royce' has been and will always be the painstaking sourcing of high quality ingredients.


  • Salad Stop
    Fast Food & Takeaway

    East Wing, #02-605 Tel:6238 1902

    SaladStop! was founded in 2009 and is one of the fastest growing food and beverage concepts in Singapore. It currently operates fifteen outlets and plans to develop into Asia’s leading salad bar chain. Customers can choose from a range of Signature Salads and Wraps, or create their own fresh, healthy, wholesome meals. With over 35 free toppings, 15 premium toppings and 20 homemade dressings to choose from, SaladStop! offers a unique dining experience.

  • SF Fruits & Juices
    Fast Food & Takeaway

    Fountain of Wealth, #01-304

    Sink your teeth into these vitamin packed superfruits and juices here at SF Fruits & Juices. Offering you a wide variety of treats from the tropics, we are on a mission to satisfy your tastebuds with our carefully selected fruits and rejuvenating juices. Ranging from our creamy and palatable avocado smoothie to our thirst-quenching signature H7 blend, our products are here to help you beat the heat!

  • Shabu Sai
    Restaurants & Pubs

    East Wing, #B1-133 Tel:6336-6129

    Shabu Sai serves authentic, all-you-can-eat Shabu-Shabu and Sukiyaki in a contemporary & casual setting. Serving up to seven tasty soup bases and a splendid array of more than 60 items in the buffet, Shabusai counts its minced pork, beef and chicken served in bamboo as its signature items.

  • Sichuan Kungfu Fish
    Restaurants & Pubs

    Fountain of Wealth, #B1-132/171

  • Smooy (Opening Soon)
    Fast Food & Takeaway

    North Wing, #02-605

  • Soup Restaurant
    Restaurants & Pubs

    West Wing, #B1-122 Tel:6333 9886

    Do you remember all the steamy aromatic delicacies served in the Chinatown night bazaar? With specialty dishes like Samsui Ginger Chicken and double boiled soups, Soup Restaurant has preserved the unique Chinatown Heritage Cuisine for your palate.

  • Starbucks Coffee (East Wing)
    Cafes & Eateries

    East Wing, #02-613/614 Tel:6835 9260

    Starbucks coffee houses offer more than the finest coffee sourced from across the globe. Friendly people, great music and a comfortable upbeat meeting place create the famous Starbucks Experience.

  • Starbucks Coffee (North Wing)
    Cafes & Eateries

    North Wing, #01-433 Tel:6822 1537

    Starbucks coffee houses offer more than the finest coffee sourced from across the globe. Friendly people, great music and a comfortable upbeat meeting place create the famous Starbucks Experience.

  • Starbucks Coffee (West Wing)
    Cafes & Eateries

    West Wing, #02-393/394 Tel:6887 3591

    Starbucks coffee houses offer more than the finest coffee sourced from across the globe. Friendly people, great music and a comfortable upbeat meeting place create the famous Starbucks Experience.

  • Streats Hong Kong Cafe
    Cafes & Eateries

    East Wing, #01-647

    Streats HK café serves Hong Kong, Macau, Indonesian and Asian street food such as “Pumpkin Fries with Salted Egg Yolk”, “Hong Kong Shrimp Dumpling Noodles”, “Nasi Pandang” and many more. The layout of our café follow closely that of a “Cha Chan Teng” which is casual, friendly and provide comfortable atmosphere for people of all ages.

  • Subway
    Fast Food & Takeaway

    North Wing, #B1-147 Tel:6341 9080

    Subway® restaurants offer a fresh, healthier and delicious alternative to fast food. Each Subway® sandwich is individually prepared by our Sandwich Artists with all the choices made just the way you want it. The Subway® menu also includes freshly made wraps, salads, soups, cookies, chips and drinks.

  • Sumiya
    Restaurants & Pubs

    North Wing, #03-332 Tel:6235 1816

    Sumiya located at Sky Garden offers a retro chic interior, a first-in-Singapore Irori Genshiyaki and a Sake Connoisseur experience. Irori Genshiyaki is Japan's ancient style of grilling over charcoal flame. Fish on skewers are vertically placed over an irori (charcoal bed) and grilled slowly. This grilling method keeps the surface of the fish crispy while retaining the succulence of the meat inside.

  • Sushi Goshin by Akashi
    Restaurants & Pubs

    West Wing, #02-389/390 Tel:6338 5760

    Akashi is an exclusive epicure concept, which is distinctly different from other sushi and noodle bars or casual Japanese dining concepts.


  • T2
    Gourmet & Speciality Food

    West Wing, #01-340

    Luxury tea brand T2 took its first sip 20 years ago in Melbourne, Australia on iconic Brunswick Street. From over two hundred unexpected flavours like Banana Bake and Jade Mountain to beloved favourites like French Earl Grey and Melbourne Breakfast, there’s a tea to suit every style, taste and mood.

  • Tao Kae Noi Land
    Gourmet & Speciality Food

    East Wing, #03-362/363

    First Official Store In Singapore That Sells Over 10 Unique Seaweed Flavours - some die-hard favourites and over 20 limited-edition snacks that you’ve never come across before. You’ll find exciting flavours at every corner of the shop along with samples in jars, so you can happily pop your hands in to try before deciding to pile your shopping basket with an onslaught of seaweed, snacks, ramen and tea.

  • Tea Tree Café
    Fast Food & Takeaway

    North Wing, #B1-140

    Tea Tree Cafe is a premium bubble tea outlet and well known for its unique pink coloured Roselle pearls with variety of drinks. Except for the classic Milk Tea, we also serve healthier choice like Avocado Shake from fruity series and hot beverages.

  • The Butcher's Kitchen
    Restaurants & Pubs

    North Wing, #02-472/473/474 Tel:9616 0111

  • The Cocoa Trees
    Gourmet & Speciality Food

    West Wing, #02-383 Tel:6337 1365

    The Cocoa Trees is a chocolate lover's dream come true. Offering the widest range of leading confectionery brands - including Hershey’s, Toblerone, M&M's and Ferrero, The Cocoa Trees boasts a variety of candy and confectionery perfect for every palate and occasion.

  • The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (Halal Certified)
    Cafes & Eateries

    East Wing, #02-603/604 Tel:6822 1537

    Born and brewed in Southern California since 1963, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® is one of the oldest and largest specialty coffee and tea retailer in the United States. Embodying a passion for connecting loyal customers to one another with carefully handcrafted products, the company is known for sourcing and providing the finest ingredients and flavors from around the world.

  • The Manhattan FISH MARKET (Halal Certified)
    Restaurants & Pubs

    Fountain of Wealth, #B1-134 Tel:6837 1568

    The Manhattan FISH MARKET specializes in lip-smacking American style seafood, prepared in 5 different ways of cooking – flamed, baked, fried, poached and grilled. Serving only the freshest catch, be enthralled as their sea-cret agents perform on-the-spot flaming of the Manhattan Flaming Prawns!

  • The Soup Spoon
    Cafes & Eateries

    West Wing, #02-308/311 Tel:6835 7086

    The Soup Spoon is all about innovative, fresh and nutritious soups that are substantial enough to satisfy even the hungriest customer.

  • Toast Box
    Cafes & Eateries

    Fountain of Wealth, #B1-167/168

    Toast Box is a reflection of the coffee shops from the 60s and 70s, where the common practice for breakfast was a fragrant cup of Nanyang Coffee accompanied by freshly toasted bread. This warm, nostalgic concept was reinvented to bring back fond memories for those who missed the good old times, and for the younger ones to experience the feel and flavours of a bygone era.

  • Tonkichi Shokudo
    Restaurants & Pubs

    East Wing, #01-649/650

    Serves authentic Tonkatsu - the only Tonkatu specialty chain restaurant in Singapore. Cosy comfort reminiscent of casual eateries in Japan.

  • Tony Roma's
    Restaurants & Pubs

    West Wing, #B1-123 Tel:6337 9055

    Tony Roma’s is a casual dining family restaurant chain world famous for its Original Baby Back Ribs and other great tasting American cuisines such as crisp, fresh salads, mouthwatering steaks, delicious seafood and so much more.

  • Tuk Tuk Cha & Love Mee
    Cafes & Eateries

    Fountain of Wealth, #B1-173/174

  • Turkish Lezzet House
    Cafes & Eateries

    East Wing, #B1-105 Tel:9296 5026

    Turkish Lezzet House (HALAL) Singaporean Turkish owned and operated in Suntec Ctiy since 2016. We proudly provide our customers with high quality home-style cooking everyday since day one. You will be greeted by our friendly staff who will serve you as you enjoy tasting a wide variety of freshly made-to-order Mediterranean and Middle Eastern foods. Since we owned and operated, we provide the tastes of the world with the care and preparation you would expect from your own family. Our Chefs take great pride and time in preparing the meals for you and your family to enjoy. That is why we use the freshest ingredients in all of our meals. Everything is prepared fresh every day and throughout the day. We look forward to seeing you soon! TURKISH LEZZET HOUSE 3 Temasek Boulevard #B1-105 Suntec City Mall Singapore 038983 @turkishlezzethouse Call us@9296 5026


  • umisushi
    Fast Food & Takeaway

    North Wing, #B1-151

    Conceived as a quick dining and takeaway service, you do not have to wait long to tuck into a yummy bento with your friends. Delicious donburi, ramen, mini platters, fresh sushi, and healthy salads are available at UmiSushi.


  • Vietbox by Wrap & Roll
    Restaurants & Pubs

    East Wing, 03-348/349 Tel:8684 3399


  • W.E. Workshop Element Café
    Cafes & Eateries

    North Wing, #02-441/442 Tel:6634 1434

    W.E. Cafe is an extension of Workshop Element, the multi-label store created by Mr. Alfie Leong. W.E. café is a west-meet-east conceptual casual eatery.  Chef Steven, with his years of kitchen experience, never fails to discover fresh menus and unleashes his culinary skills to offer varieties of traditional dishes with a modern twist.  His focus is on the quality, uniqueness and refineness of dishes on the menu. 

  • WAN
    Restaurants & Pubs

    North Wing, #01-434/437/439/442

  • Wine Connection
    Gourmet & Speciality Food

    East Wing, #01-654 Tel:6211 2018

    Discover Wine Connection’s latest concept wine shop, where you can taste over 50 wines before you buy! Selected wines are dispensed through self-service machines, in portions of 3, 7 or 12Cl, at the perfect temperature.

  • Wingstop (Halal Certified)
    Restaurants & Pubs

    Fountain of Wealth, #B1-108

    Originated from Texas in 1994, Wingstop has more than 900 restaurants worldwide. Wingstop is widely known for freshly made, piping hot chicken wings that are sauced and tossed in a choice of 12 mouth-watering flavors. Besides wings, we also serve delectable sides including mushroom fritters and signature seasoned fries.


  • Ya Kun Family Café
    Cafes & Eateries

    East Wing, #B1-104 Tel:6337 6829

    The name Ya Kun is invariable conjures up images of freshly made kaya toast in the minds of many Singaporeans. Their humble fare of coffee, eggs and toasts made with their special proprietary recipe have become a comfort food for many Singaporeans at any time of the day.

  • Yogurtland
    Cafes & Eateries

    Fountain of Wealth, #B1-165/166 Tel:6252 2007

    Yogurtland is the ultimate self-serve frozen yogurt experience where real ingredients make great flavors.

  • Yolé
    Fast Food & Takeaway

    West Wing, #02-312/313

    Launched in 2017, Yolé embodies youthfulness, fun and dynamism. The brand’s core foundation lies strongly in the creative innovation of 4 fundamental product lines; mainly original frozen yogurt, multi-flavoured yogurt and soft serve, blended smoothies, and specialty desserts.