Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Suntec Rewards programme about?

Suntec Rewards is a cardless loyalty programme launched by Suntec City that allows its members to:

1. Earn reward points as they shop at over 350 merchant partners in the mall

2. Enjoy amazing exclusive deals and discounts all year long

3. Gain access to special events

4. Receive birthday treats and birthday bonus points (for Gold and Ultimate members only)

To begin, sign up for an account via the Rewards section of the website or via the Suntec City app.


How do I become a Suntec Rewards member?

Simply download the Suntec City mobile application (available on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store) and register as a member under ‘Rewards’ to enjoy privileges as you shop at Suntec City.

You may also sign up online through our website at https://sunteccity.com.sg/login/

Is there a fee for Shoppers to participate in the Suntec Rewards programme?

There is no fee required to become a member of the Suntec Rewards programme.

How long does it take for my membership to be activated?

Once you register, an email will be sent to the email address you provided. Please click on the verification link and your Suntec Rewards membership will be activated immediately.

Who is eligible to join Suntec Rewards?

The Suntec Rewards programme welcomes all Singapore citizens, Permanent Residents of Singapore and Work Permit holders in Singapore. Shoppers can register with their email address. Take note that shoppers must be of at least sixteen years of age to be eligible.

Can I transfer my membership to my family member or friend?

The Suntec Rewards membership is not transferable and they would have to sign up for their own membership to be eligible to enjoy the programme’s benefits.

What are the membership tiers available?

There are three tiers of membership. Members are upgraded to the next tier once the expenditure reaches the stipulated threshold.

  • Basic: Upon successful registration, all members automatically enjoy the privileges in this tier.
  • Gold: Members are upgraded to the Gold tier once they have accumulated a total spend of over S$6,000.
  • Ultimate: Members are awarded the Ultimate tier upon an accumulated total spend of $40,000.

Please note that your membership tier will NOT be downgraded even if you do not meet the spend amount the following year.

How do I know which tier I am in?

You will automatically be in the Basic tier upon participation of the programme. Subsequently, upon being eligible for an upgrade, you will receive a notification in your app inbox. You will see your tier reflected on your member e-Card after you log into your account.

How do I earn Suntec Rewards points?

  • SHOP: Rack up points as you shop at over 350 stores within Suntec City.
  • SNAP: Take a picture of your receipt, enter the final purchase amount and upload the image through our mobile app or website.
  • EARN: Earn points from eligible receipts above $20. These points will be credited into your account within 7 working days.

Please note that to earn Suntec Rewards points, you will need to scan the receipts of purchases within 48 hours of the time of purchase and upload the images to be eligible. Do retain your receipts even after submission in the event that you are contacted by the Rewards Customer Service to resubmit them in lieu of errors or missing details.

Is there a minimum spend before I can earn points?

Yes, a minimum spend of $20 within the receipt is required. Receipts with amounts below $20 will automatically be rejected.

When will the reward points be credited into my account?

Reward points will be credited into your account within 7 working days from the day of submission.

Take note there is no receipt approval during the weekend or on public holidays so do give us the maximum of these 7 working days to validate your receipts. If handwritten receipts or other atypical invoices are submitted, this may take 14-30 days to process.

Meanwhile, we advise you to retain your original receipts until your receipt is processed in the case of re-submission.

How does the Suntec Rewards points system work?

You will earn reward points for every dollar spent, with a minimum of $20 in a single receipt. Every dollar you spend will earn you different points across three categories – General, F&B and Supermarkets. For a guideline on how the schemes work across the different categories, kindly refer below:

Rewards Points Earning Rate

General $1 5
F&B $1 3
Supermarkets $1 1


Which shops in Suntec City am I eligible to earn points at?

You will be able to earn reward points when you spend at any shop in Suntec City except the following:
– Money Changers
– Post Offices
– Carparks
– Online transactions
– Banks/ ATM/ Financial Services
– Pushcarts
– Temporary vendors(Non-Tenants)/pop-up shops at the mall’s promotional spaces. Eg: Atrium.
– AXS/ SAM Payments and bill payments
– Cashcard/ Stored Value Cards Top-Up transactions
– Offline transactions via cheque payment
– Purchase of vouchers from shops or Suntec City
– Carparks/Within Carparks

Also, please note that in the case of Suntec City vouchers being used in the transaction, we will award the full amount of points. In the case of merchants’ vouchers, merchants’ loyalty programmes, bank rebates and credit card rebates, we will award points for only the nett amount.

Can I combine reward points with my family member or friend?

Reward points earned by different individuals cannot be combined.

Do my reward points expire?

Reward points earned before 30 June will expire on 31 Dec of the same year. Reward points earned from 1 July will expire on 30 June in the following year.
Please refer below for an example on how the expiry and e-voucher conversion works:

1 July to 31 December 2015                        30  June  2016
1 January to 30 June 2016                         31  December  2016

Must I scan and upload the receipts on the same day of purchase?

You are encouraged to scan receipts and upload them within 48 hours of purchase. Receipts received after 48 hours of spend will not be able to qualify for reward points.

How many receipts can I submit in a day?

You can submit as many qualifying receipts as you’d like in a day to accumulate rewards points. However there is a maximum cap of $5000 on the reward points that you can accumulate in a single day.

What is the maximum number of rewards points I can accumulate in a day?

Reward points can be accumulated from receipts that add up to a maximum of $5,000 spent per day.

Points will be awarded according to the sequence of the receipts uploaded.

Printed receipts are not available at a store, can I still use handwritten receipts to earn rewards points?

At the moment, only printed store receipts are accepted for accumulation of Suntec Rewards points. We also do not accept payment slips from credit cards, debit cards and NETS cards.

Please ensure that the store name, store address, total amount and date is clearly visible on the receipt.

What benefits and privileges do I enjoy as a Suntec Rewards member?

As a Suntec Rewards member, you can:

– Enjoy reward points as you shop over 350 merchant partners within the mall and redeem for e-Vouchers with your reward points

– Enjoy great deals and discount all year round.

– Gain access to special events and sales

– Enjoy birthday treat and earn a birthday bonus of 1.5x points on the first purchase made during your birthday month^

*Earning of birthday bonus points for birthday month is applicable only for the first receipt upload during the member’s birthday month and capped to a maximum amount spend of $5000 only. Subsequent receipts uploaded during the birthday month will be entitled to earn the regular reward points

What additional benefits and privileges do I enjoy as a Suntec Rewards Gold or Ultimate member?

In addition to the benefits and privileges that you enjoy as a Basic member, Gold and Ultimate members will enjoy further privileges:
One-Time Tier Achievement Reward – 20,000 points (Gold) 200,000 points Ultimate)
Birthday Bonus – 1.5x points (Basic) 2x points (Gold) 5x points (Ultimate)
Lucky Draw Bonus – 2x chance (Basic) 3x chance (Gold) 5x chance (Ultimate)

^Earning of birthday bonus points for birthday month is applicable only for the first receipt upload during member’s birthday month and capped to a maximum amount spend of $5,000 only. Subsequent receipts uploaded during the birthday month will be entitled to earn the regular reward points.

*Applicable for specific promotional campaigns only.

What can I do with my Suntec Rewards points?

You can redeem Suntec e-Vouchers with your reward points. Every 5,000 reward points you earn entitles you to a $5 e-Voucher which you may then use to offset your purchases at Suntec City participating merchants. Look out for the Suntec Rewards wobbler at cashiers to indicate that e-Vouchers can be used there.

How do I view the balance of my reward points?

You can view your transactions and the corresponding reward points earned by logging onto the website or app.

How do I redeem my points?

You can redeem reward points by logging onto the website or app and heading to ‘Redeem’ in the ‘Suntec Rewards’ section. Next, select the e-Voucher(s) that you would like to redeem and confirm the transaction for the e-Voucher to appear in your e-Wallet in the Suntec City mobile application.

How do I utilize my e-Vouchers?

e-Vouchers can be used to offset purchases at participating merchant shops in Suntec City Mall. e-Vouchers come in denominations of $5, $10, $50.

You can access your e-Vouchers via the Suntec City app. It is stored under your e-Wallet.
To use your e-Voucher in-store:

1) Activate e-Voucher in your e-Wallet
Choose the e-Voucher(s) that you wish to utilize and confirm usage.

2) Display e-Voucher
Inform and present the screen showing the total amount to the cashier at time of payment

3)Scan QR
Scan the QR code displayed at the store’s cashier counter to verify you are at the store.

4) Flash confirmation screen
Show the e-Voucher usage confirmation screen with Transaction ID to the cashier for the cashier’s acknowledgement.

Please note that merchant may periodically require that you show your NRIC/Work Pass to validate your membership.

What is the validity period of e-Vouchers?

The e-Vouchers’ validity period is dependent on its redemption date.

e-Vouchers redeemed between 1 July – 31 December will expire on 30 June of the following year.

e-Vouchers redeemed  between 1 January – 30 June will expire on 31 December of the same year.

Where can I utilize Suntec e-Vouchers?

Suntec e-Vouchers can be utilized at participating merchant shops within Suntec City. Please refer to the last page of here for a list of the participating shops.

You can also look out for the Suntec Rewards wobbler displayed at participating merchant shops.

How can I update my profile/personal information?

You can update personal information by logging into your account via the Suntec City mobile app or online. Alternatively, if you encounter issues activating your account or editing information, do contact us at rewards@sunteccity.com.sg for help.

What should I do if I forget my login details?

The login ID is your email address that you have used to register into the program. If you need to reset your password, simply click on ‘Forgot Password?’ under the login box and you’ll shortly receive an email with an URL to reset your password.

Who should I contact if I need help or more information on the programme?

For any enquiries about the programme, email our friendly Suntec Rewards customer service at rewards@sunteccity.com.sg

How will my member information be used in the programme?

Your member information and contact details are used solely for the purpose of communication to keep you updated of sales, promotions and special events associated with the Suntec Rewards programme.

Can my friend and I submit the same receipt?

No, we only accept one submission of the same receipt. Multiple submissions will be rejected as duplicates.

If I have receipts that are given to me, can I use it to earn Suntec Rewards Points

Suntec Rewards points can only be awarded for your own purchases. if any shoppers is found using receipts other than their own purchases to accumulate Suntec Rewards points, Suntec Rewards reserves the right to terminate their membership.

Are staff of merchants within the mall allowed to upload receipts?

Yes, staff are allowed to upload receipts from other stores. However, they are not allowed to upload receipts from the store they work in.