Sky Garden


Relish a plethora of dining choices in a lush rooftop garden with ambient lighting and tranquil water features.

content-image A spectacular dining experience awaits you at the Sky Garden. With international dining choices set in a lush roof garden, complete with ambient lighting and water features, be treated to amazing cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere. Located on the third floor of the North Wing, expect astounding views overlooking the civic district on one side, and the Fountain of Wealth on the other. The Sky garden is your ultimate dining destination not to be missed.


Sumiya offers a retro chic interior, a first-in-Singapore Irori Genshiyaki and a Sake Connoisseur experience.
Arn Nan Alfresco Bar + Bistro by IndoChine
A one-of–a-kind fish tank island bar that adds to its sensuous charm. An attractive location for happy hour, lounging, clubbing, or indulgent partying.
Saint Ma – Garden Dining by IndoChine
With a Euro-Asian twist, dishes served at Saint Ma are an eclectic mixture of IndoChinese, Western, and fusion dishes.
Kuishin Bo
Featuring over 100 varieties of buffet items including sushi, sashimi, tempura, paper steamboat, teppanyaki and more.
Dallas Restaurant & Bar
Patrons can enjoy a full range of delightful cocktails as well as a selection of new and old world wines, all while taking in a stellar view of the city.
Eat At Seven - Enbu
Warayaki izakaya is a traditional cooking method that has its roots in Shikoku, Kochi prefecture. The restaurant’s straw grilling and charcoal grilling lends a wonderful smoky fragrance to its wide array of fresh and exquisite cuisines that goes well with our selection of SAKE, Sapporo Draft Beer or Suntory Whiskey Highball which is available fresh from the Tap!
Eat At Seven - Tokyo Sundubu
Delectable bowls of collagen-rich sundubu – a type of Korean stew with a medley of handmade tofu and different ingredients. The marquee highlight is the silky-soft tofu, handmade with premium ingredients imported from Japan.
Eat At Seven - Maguro-Donya Miura-Misaki-Kou Sushi & Dining
The establishment has its own fleet of fishing trawlers which enables them to curate the freshest maguro and sashimi from around the world and fly them directly to Singapore via ANA air freight. The signature dishes include Misaki-Megumi Lunch Set Trio; Five Cuts Hon Maguro Sashimi; and Misaki-Megumi Gunkan.
Eat At Seven - Nigiro Café
Nigiro Café specialises in Japanese meets Italian Dining at reasonable prices, leading the kitchen is Head Chef Osamu Takashima, who has 20 years of culinary experience. The signature dishes include Grilled Prawn Nigiro Caesar Salad, Nigiro Hamburg Steak and Short Pasta Melanzane.
Eat At Seven – NikuNoHi
With a great selection of authentic roast beef and premium meats, this is a mecca for carnivorous eaters. The meats they bring in are a cut above the rest and patrons can select many different parts of the cow in one seating. Its secret ingredient is the east-meets-west marinade, which is used to enliven all its Yakiniku meats.
Eat At Seven – Kohaku
Kohaku is one of the first concepts in Singapore to bring in the beloved edomae tendon. Each tempura boasts an ethereal exterior, as it is fried in a blend of high-grade sesame oil and cooking oil. Kohaku utilises a special cooking technology that ensures the oil is kept clean and fresh even after repeated frying. The exclusive Kohaku Tendon Spicy Flavor caters to Singaporeans’ love for spicy food.
Eat At Seven – Tonkatsu Agedoki
Tonkatsu Agedoki prides itself on preparing pork cutlets that are fried to perfection — all thanks to paying attention to factors like the right timing and premium ingredients used. Chef specifically chose Nagano pork for the Tonkatsu as it boasts succulent and juicy-sweet meat.
Eat At Seven – Menya Takeichi
The restaurant’s signature recipe is the Chicken Paitan Ramen, a best-selling dish that has led the brand to open 40 stores in Japan in four years, Collagen-rich broth is the culmination of simmering fresh chicken and chicken feet for long hours.




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